Metallic-Brocade Bishop's Mitra (Crown)

Metallic-Brocade Bishop's Mitra (Crown)
Metallic-Brocade Bishop's Mitra (Crown) Metallic-Brocade Bishop's Mitra (Crown)
Product Code: V6012 [ custom-made ]
Price: $219.95


  • a bishop's miter, hand-tailored in metallic-brocade fabric of your choice
  • fully-lined in matching satin (for comfortable use)
  • six cardboard panels joined together to form a firm substructure
  • decorated with golden galloon (at all the six vertical "seams")
  • adorned with three embroidered crosses
  • topped with a golden-plated cross
  • dimensions: approx. 8" in height (exluding the cross)


The mitre (British English) (/ˈmaɪtər/; Greek: μίτρα, "headband" or "turban") or miter (American English; see spelling differences), is a type of headgear now known as the traditional, ceremonial head-dress of bishops and certain abbots in traditional Christianity. Mitres are worn in the Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, as well as in the Anglican Communion, some Lutheran churches, and also bishops and certain other clergy in the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Oriental Orthodox Churches. 

Source: WikipediA


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