Silk-Brocade Single-Length Deaconate Orarion

Silk-Brocade Single-Length Deaconate Orarion
Silk-Brocade Single-Length Deaconate Orarion
Product Code: V4084 [ custom-made ]
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  • a 4 3/4"-wide orarion for deacon
  • a single-length orarion, which is approx. 126"-long (finished length may vary slightly according to the person's height and body structure)
  • hand-tailored in the face material of your choice
  • with soft interlining and fully-lined in satin in the color of your choice (to ensure proper draping and long life)
  • adorned with 3 or 7 applique embroidered crosses, decorated with beads
  • trimmed with galloon and finished with fringe


Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.
Because there are variety of local styles and customer preferences regarding the size of the deaconate orarion and deaconate sticharion, please specify the dimensions you prefer using the deaconate vestments diagram.
(Note: You are welcome to measure your own single-length orarion that you are satisfied with. All requested dimensions are optional and if not provided your orarion will be completed in traditional manner for the height provided.)


To clean: dry-cleaning recommended; all embroidered appliques must be removed prior to cleaning.


The Orarion (Greek: ὀράριον; Slavonic: Орарь, orar) is the distinguishing vestment of the deacon and subdeacon in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Churches and Eastern Catholic Churches. It is a narrow stole, usually four to five inches (127 mm) wide and of various lengths, made of brocade, often decorated with crosses (three, five or seven`) embroidered or appliquéd along its length. It is usually trimmed with decorative banding around the edges and fringe at the two ends.

The deacon wears the orarion over his left shoulder with the front portion draped over his left forearm. He will take this portion in his right hand when leading litanies or drawing attention to a particular liturgical action. This single orarion is the oldest form, as illustrated in traditional and older iconography.

Source: WikipediA

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