Russian-Style Zeon and Tray (Teplota)

Russian-Style Zeon and Tray (Teplota)
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Price: $69.95


  • a nickel-plated set of a zeon and a tray
  • gold-plated bowl
  • approx. dimensions: diameter of the zeon is 2", diameter of the tray is 4 1/2" and the overall height is 1" 
  • an engraved cross on the handle


This set consists of a zeon and a tray. The zeon is a cup used to hold boiling water which is added to the chalice by the priest just prior to communion. It is added to the chalice during the Communion hymn in commemoration of the water that flowed out of the side of the crucified Christ when he was pierced with the spear. The tray is a plate to hold the bread remaining from the Liturgy.
Source: WikipediA & OrthodoxWiki

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