Velvet Small Omophorion for Bishop

Velvet Small Omophorion for Bishop
Velvet Small Omophorion for Bishop Velvet Small Omophorion for Bishop Velvet Small Omophorion for Bishop
Product Code: V4051 [ custom-made ]
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  • a 8 1/2"-wide small omophorion for bishop (with crossed or parallel hanging edges)
  • approx. length from 83" to 87" (finished length may vary slightly according to the person's height and body structure)
  • hand-tailored in velvet in the color of your choice
  • with soft interlining and fully-lined in satin in the color of your choice (to ensure proper draping and long life)
  • adorned with 7 embroidered appliques: a star (at neck), crosses (at chest) and bars at bottoms of the hanging edges
  • trimmed with galloon and finished with fringe


  • a 10"-wide small omophor
  • an extra line of decoration made of galloon&fringe (at each of the hanging edges)
  • decorated with embroidered icons of Christ (at neck), Mother of Christ (at chest, right) and John the Baptist (at chest, left)
  • decorated with embroidered ornaments


Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please visit the Liturgix measurement diagram.
Because there are variety of local styles and customer preferences regarding the size of the small omophorion, you are welcome to specify the finished width and length for your omophorion (Note: Please, measure your own small omophorion that you are satisfied with. Both width/length requested are optional and if not provided your omophorion will be completed in traditional manner for the height provided.)


To clean: dry-cleaning recommended; all embroidered appliques must be removed prior to cleaning.


In the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic liturgical tradition, the omophor (Slavonic: омофоръ, omofor; Greek: ὠμοφόριον omophorion, meaning "[something] borne on the shoulders") is the distinguishing vestment of a bishop and the symbol of his spiritual and ecclesiastical authority. Originally of wool, it is a band of brocade decorated with four crosses and an eight-pointed star and is worn about the neck and shoulders.

The small omophor is much simpler than the great omophor and passing around the neck and hanging down in the front similar to an epitrachil (stole), only wider and shorter, coming down only a little past the waist, it is worn simply around the neck and hanging in two pendants on the chest is properly worn in place of the large one after the gospel at the Liturgy. The omophorion signifies the bishop's authority and typifies the wandering sheep that the Good Shepherd takes upon his shoulders and carries to his Father.

Source: WikipediA

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