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About Us @ Liturgix

Established as an online retail store for religious products, such as clothing, icons, and accessories, Liturgix employs experienced tailors, artisans and crafts people in Europe. We are absolutely committed to the “No Sweat” initiative pioneered by the U.S., which encourages good working conditions and fair wages.

Ever since we started our operations online, we have kept adding new products, improving information flow, and expanding our services to you. Now, there are more than 500 products at  and they are accessible to you 24/7. Each product sports an extensive description, a close-up picture and many times there are options to further customize your order by selecting various textile patterns or modifying the product style and size. Finally, we have focused on answering your email within 24 hours and have added a dedicated phone line with a message board to further facilitate your communication with us.

Yet, perhaps the best feature of Liturgix is not what you see, but what we are as a business. We are truly independent, which means we bring you the merchandise you want and pay no royalties to any entity. We are also very flexible. The lack of overhead, such as a retail outlet, a dedicated 24/7 telephone staff, and commissioned sales personnel, means lots of savings to you. The Internet creates this direct marketing business model that facilitates information flow between you and us, and helps us adapt to serve your needs quickly and efficiently.

So, next time you shop for religious products, log onto , email us at , call us, toll-free, at 1-866-LITURGIX or (866) 548-8744, or simply drop us a letter in the mail. We are here for you for as long as you need us. And don’t forget that it has all been possible because of your commitment to Liturgix.

home | store | payments | shipping | measurements | testimonials | news | about us | contact us
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