Brass Processional Set of Liturgical Fans (Ripidions) with Silvery Accents

Brass Processional Set of Liturgical Fans (Ripidions) with Silvery Accents
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  • a processional set of liturgical fans (a cross and two round fans) made of brass
  • the ripidions feature silvery accents
  • approx. dimensions of the cross: 10 5/8" in width, 15 3/4" in height  
  • approx. dimensions of the round fans: 7 1/2" x 12 1/5"


Liturgical fans, flabella or ripidions (Greek ριπιδιον — fan), are hand fans used in the Orthodox Church during services. Ripidions are carried by the altar servers at all processions with Eucharistic gifts and the Gospel book.
In the Eastern Orthodox Church and Eastern Catholic Churches, the sacred fan (Greek: άγιον ριπίδιον, hagion ripidion, plural: άγια ριπίδια, hagia ripidia; sometimes εξαπτέρυγον, hexapterygon, plural: εξαπτέρυγα hexapteryga—literally, "six-winged"), have been used from the first centuries to the present day. It is generally made of metal, round, having the iconographic likeness of a seraph with six wings surrounding a face, and is set on the end of a pole. Fans of carved, gilded, or painted wood are also found. They are usually made in pairs.


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